Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 18

122.6 miles / 6:30 hours / 18.87 mph avg / 2588' climbing

Breakfast: waffle, oatmeal, muffin, yogurt, orange juice.
Snack: banana with dulce de leche, 2 oreos, oranges.
Lunch: chicken sandwich, coke, banana with nutella, oranges.
Snack: banana with nutella, oranges, 2 oreos.
Dinner 1: hearty chicken salad, coke.
Dinner 2: club sandwich, water.
Late Snack: yogurt.

Today was a hard day for me mentally. Maybe the rest day threw me off a bit, maybe it was the heat, maybe the sore butt. In any case it improved after the lunch stop where I had a Burger King chicken sandwich and a coke. Maybe I just needed caffeine, sugar and fried food. I'll have to rent Super-Size Me again...

Also the landscape did not help. Although it is quite green here with beautiful farms here and there, it is more densely populated which means smaller farms, more small towns (that are indeed alive) and their houses. That translates into more cars, drive-ins, bleached-blond blue-eye-shadowed girls and the like. More middle America, not as rural as before. I still managed to get a few derelicts...

As it was getting hotter we passed a very inviting lake. I was about to stop and jump in when I saw the nuclear power plant and realized that I really don't need to grow another limb...

Shortly after we passed the last chance for beer gas station (which makes you wander about the drink and drive thing around here)...
...we saw a caravan of old cars rushing towards it. They were kind enough to honk their old horns bringing a wiff of nostalgia very much in keeping with the old houses I have been photographing.

With al the modern agro industry methods, I thought crop dusters were a thing of the past, but I guess I was wrong. These seemed ready for action...

Another victim of the recession or is it just bad location, location, location?

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  1. You know, Nico, you might not be so tired if you actually did grow that extra limb. I'm just saying, think about it!
    I can't believe you've been on the road for 18 days! I saw your beautiful wife last night on the book tour.
    She says hello.
    Good luck tomorrow and sleep well!