Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 19

100.6 miles / 5:21 hours / 18.77 mph avg / 1057' climbing

This will be a short posting with no photos since I don't have a
computer and I'm using my phone. Besides, the only picture I managed
today was of the first Confederate flag I've seen in person.

Food was the usual mix of sandwiches, bananas, oranges, cokes, Oreos
and pretzels.

As you can see, there was little climbing involved and fortunately the
roads were for the most part quite smooth which is always welcomed.
The weather was a tiny bit less hot than yesterday, but the humidity
is starting to play a role. We rode by some Bayou which I still don't
know what they are exactly. The concensus seems to be that a Bayou is
a swamp with some specific kind of vegetation. In any case is hot and
teaming with creatures lurking in the shallow waters. They tell us
that there are no gators around here, but given the sampling of the
roadkill we see, I'm sure there are plenty of snakes. There are also
plenty of dogs around so we have to be extra careful. One of the guys
bought pepper spray and another had to use is water bottle to spray
water an a chasing dog. That stopped it on it's tracks.

Today we saved two turtles that were wondering into the road...I'm
sure they'll be crushed in a day or two anyway. Maybe they were
actually trying to go meet their creator and we thwarted their
resolve. In any case, around here there seems to be one church for
every five houses or so. Mike the tour leader tells me that it gets
worse. My favorite church sign today (which I did not photograph)
read: "For Mother's day surprise your Mom and come to Church". I'm
sure that would really surprise her.

I'm now icing my knees and legad in preparation for another flat and
hot day. Also tomorrow we will cross the Mississippi river. Given all
the recent flooding it should be a sight, that is, a big murky river.

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