Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 16

107 miles / 5:22 hours / 20 mph avg / 1714' climbing

Breakfast: oatmeal, eggs, sausage, orange juice.
Sanck: banana with dulce de leche (thanks mom), 4 min donuts, coke.
Lunch: ham+turkey+ham+tomato+lettuce sandwich, coke, 2 oreos.
Snack: cookies and cream shake, chicken bits.
Dinner: caprese salad, regular salad, chicken parmigiana with fetuccini, bread sticks, coke, one scoop sunday ice cream with hot fudge.

Please try the Photos link to your right under the map. it should work now.

Also, unless something memorable happens tomorrow, I won't blog since it is a rest day. On Wednesday we will ride 122 miles to Conway, AR.

Today we crossed into Arkansas. We were very lucky with beautiful weather again, although it got a bit hot towards the end but not bad at all. It was also a bit boring, smaller farms, more nondescript towns with small strip malls, not many old abandoned buildings, just vacant store fronts. Certainly a bit less rural and thus less charming. Also sad but in a different way, just a clear example of what the downturn in the economy really means and who it affects.

I was riding hard which surprised me since yesterday was a long 144 mile day. By now the legs seem to know what to do and the butt is holding well. I did not stop to smell the flowers, but at least I slowed down to take pictures...

Lots of smaller farms and quite a few larger houses in them, definitely welthier communities. At some point I almost ran over an overactive small terrier. I didn't take a photo of the f#@!* dog, but I got this cow down the road instead...

I think I yesterday mentioned a store where you can wash your car, your pet and your laundry. Here is another one of those...

We all noticed in the last couple of days the amazing number of cemeteries we passed. We were wondering were do all the dead people come from since there does not seem to be that many people alive out there. At least this one had nice colorful fake flowers all over (the photo came a bit washed out, but it was quite nice).

I realize I don't really understand religion, is this supposed to be reasuring or downright scary? Oh, I get it, this falls under "God works in mysterious ways", does it?

 I almost got run over by a train (not really, but there was no barrier and I could get as close as I wanted). I also got a video, but I haven't been able to upload it (old slow computer and bad internet connection).

Last (and least), and old police car that looked like it was taken from an old cartoon...


  1. Hi Nico -- You wouldn't believe how much I look forward each evening to seeing what your day was like. Your slice of life across America reminds me of a wonderful book I read about 25 years ago written by an American Indian who chucked his professorial life to travel the "Blue Highways" -- the back roads -- to see what he might see, and learn what there was to learn. I couldn't put it down then, and I am growing just as fond of your reports now. Your training is paying off -- good for you ! May your travels continue in safety and fun. We all send our best -- the Pougiales / Posey clan

  2. Enjoy your rest, Nico. Your post has become the first thing I check every morning, just you, your journey, and the morning coffee. I love following your adventure. You have a great number of fans cheering you on.

  3. wow, you are so cool! seeing any chickens out there??