Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 9

136 miles / 7210' climbing / 8:09 hours / 16.7 mph avg (thanks to a steady head wind and lots of climbs)
Breakfast: cereal, yogurt, banana, banana bread (courtesy of Lori), waffle.
Snack: 1/2 apple, banana, Gu, 1 oreo, pretzels.
Lunch: 1.5 ham+turkey+tomato+spinach sandwich, coke, banana, 3 oreos, pretzels.
Snack: banana.
Dinner: large Domino's pizza with extra tomatoes, mushrooms and ham, coke.
Late snack: banana bread (again, thanks Lori).

Yesterday (day 8) was a rest day that I spent with Lori. We ran some errands and walked to old Albuquerque trough some very nondescript neighborhoods until we arrived at a nice little touristy plaza where we managed a decent lunch. For dinner we went to the same Italian restaurant from the previous night, but this time we had four others for company that decided to join us after they heard us talk about it. On the way back I had to buy some glue so the cab dropped us at Walmart were we almost got lost. All in all we managed to miss the Gathering of Nations because that ended on Saturday and we walked about 4.5 miles. Not bad for a rest day and sleeping next to Lori was the best gift I could have. As you can imagine given the state of my tired and sore body I only had energy to actually sleep.

Today was a long and hard day thanks to all the climbing and the head wind. Fortunately, the views were beautiful, however I missed quite a bit of it because I was keeping my head down looking at the road.

We passed the charming town of Madrid were I had a slice of banana bread from the local coffee shop. Here is their t-shirt, it summarizes their attitude.

Just so you understand Madrid, Paul asked for a photo with the locals and one of them aged 72, proudly pulled his gun for the picture. You can appreciate the main (read only) street in Madrid and an example of the local architecture.

I know this is called the Fast America South ride, but sometimes I wonder how far North the South has gone.

It was also interesting to see how caring of the local drivers they are around here.

We finally arrived at Las Vegas (NM), not to be confused with Las Vegas (NV). As you can see, the local offerings are just a bit more limited here...

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