Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 7

128 miles / 2388' climbing / 5:35 hours / 22.68 mph avg (amazing tail wind)
Breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon, yogurt, 2 cokes.
Snack: 1/2 apple, banana, pretzels, oreos.
Lunch: turkey+ham+cheese+tomato+spinach+avocado sandwich, banana, coke, oreos, pretzels.
Snack: ice cream, 1/2 banana muffin, 2 cheese sticks, coke.
Dinner (with Lori at an actual restaurant!): cream of celery, pork chop with fettucini.

Today we started early and cold and it soon became clear that it would be another fast day. The wind was blowing hard on our tail so as long as kept moving we were warm and happy to be sailing. Early on we had some miles of bad road until we made it to the continental divide.

I peed right there so who knows which way it went...

Sorry, there are no more photos today. We rode through some of the poorest areas in the country and to be honest it was quite sad. We passed several communities that even though they are called town or city, they barely qualify as such. I lost count of how many boarded up motels I saw, and others that should have been closed. I saw the twisted remains of an old train wreckage; several box cars open like tin cans rusting under the sun. In short, bleak.

Well, that was depressing. Fortunately, after climbing the "10 mile hill" which is really a 4 mile gentle slope that you can see 10 miles away, we arrived at Albuquerque were I got to see Lori who came just to see me and reports that I am actually doing pretty good. We took a taxi to an area called Nob Hill where we had an excellent meal and we walked back the 3 miles to the hotel as the sun was setting.

Tomorrow is my first rest day so we can get up at a more reasonable hour. We will run a couple of errands (bike shop, laundry) and then go see a "The Gathering of Nations Native American Pow-Wow" that is happening in town these days. I seems that more than 500 tribes from the US and Canada. Should be interesting.

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