Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 6

134 miles / 2724' climbing / 6:30 hours / 20.7 mph avg (thanks to a wonderful tail wind)

Today was a fast food kind of day. I haven't the slightlest idea how many calories, sodium and fat all this adds up to, but I'm sure if it wasn't for he riding, I'd have to be hospitalized or at least commited:
-Breakfast at McDonalds @ 6am: eggs, 3 pancakes, sausage patty, muffin, hash browns, ham, coke.
-Snack 1 @ 9am: Burger King chicken sandwich, coke, banana, hard boiled egg, 2 oreo cookies, pretzels.
-Lunch @ 11:30am: ham+turkey+cheese+tomato+arugula sandwich, coke, hard boiled egg, banana, 2 oreo cookies, pretzels.
-Snack 2 @ 3:15pm: icecream cone, banana, cookies, pretzels.
-Dinner at Denny's @ 5:30pm: bowl of chicken soup, club sandwich with hash browns.
I may still have another snack before bed time and I forgot to mention the bottle of sports drink I always carry (120 Cal). Tomorow I have another 130+ miles to Albuquerque so I have to prepare myself.

Today we were blessed by a steady strong tail wind that made a potentially long day a bit more enjoyable. My butt is quite thankfull for this. Other than that, we rode more than a 100 miles on I-40, crossed Navajo County and Apache County, had an amazing blue sky dotted by painted clouds and encounter the occasional dinosaur (Andrea would have loved this).

Lori, check out the typography! I saw some really interesting signs, some very old and dilapidated, but was too busy pedaling to stop for a photo.

Late in the day we crossed into New Mexico.

My horse, their horses. Those brown things in the background are beautiful horses. Sorry, I couldn't get any closer because they got scared of a stinky human in red spandex, can't blame them.

I resisted the temptation to get hepatitis from a local enterpreneur. It was a bit cold for a sno-cone, otherwise I maight have risked it since I have all my immunizations up to date.

Last but not least, all thanks to Lori, I have gotten a "care package" every day and I made the mistake of sharing some of the goodies (cookies, banana bread, Poky, manjar) with the other riders so now when we get to the hotel they check for me if I got another one. I think the married ones are getting a bit jealous and the single ones are starting to wonder what they may be missing.

As you can see, today I feel energized and I have access to a decent computer so it is easier to blog in more detail. Good night all and thanks for all your support. I'm getting emotional now...


  1. What a journey Nico. So amazing to hear of the details that you encounter. Hope to hear more details some day.
    What a remarkable journey. Absorb each and every moment, good and bad. You are so blessed!

  2. Boy, am I relieved to hear your spirits up and the snow behind you. Sunshine, warmth, and fair weather ahead!

  3. DINOSAURS!!! Awesome. We should have some of those in Marin, like in the hills of SD...

    Don't you feel sick with all that fast food in your stomach? But I bet it tasted good after all that exercise :D

  4. Nico, incluso con la dieta estas viviendo una aventura¡¡¡¡ sigue pedaleando¡¡¡ como dice la publicidad "nada es imposible", un abrazo,