Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 5

107 miles / 6:34 hours / 5090' climbing
2 cokes / 1 hot choc / 5 bananas / 2 Gu / 2 good sandwiches and one really bad one from a gas station / home made manjar that my mom sent me / pretzels, cookies (thanks Elizabeth) / a cup of soup / a banana muffin / something else that I forget

I have come to realize that this level of physical activity leaves just enough time And energy to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom and prepare for the next day. This is what boot camp must be like. I'm just waiting for the indoctrination. A few more days of this and they will be able to make me do anything they want in exchange for a bit more rest. I'm starting to wonder if I'll have any epiphanies at all after all this is done. My hope is that they'll come after I finish and become a person again.

Today we passed through beautifully Sedona and it's deep canyons of red rock.

The only problem was the big climb to get out of it. The switchbacks were great to look at once you were on top...

That took us to Flagstaff were we stopped for food (a one good and a bad sandwich), put on all of our winter clothes (I have none so I layered six tops and both my leg earners and knee warmers) and continued onwards towards the snow blizard while riding on the interstate highway I-40 for 47 miles. Finally arriving at Winslow were we caught a piece of Old Route 66.

There is not much to see in Winslow...

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  1. Hey Nico -- this is so like The Twilight Zone . . . I left Winslow (there is TOO something to see there -- La Posada!) Wednesday and headed West on I-40 while you were riding East. You must have missed the dust storm that closed I-40 between Flagstaff and Winslow just after I got through. But we both made it for the snow storm, me on Wednesday, you today. I, however, was in the comfort and warmth of my car. Having seen it all personally, I am in awe of you! Stay well -- Mary Pougiales