Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 10

110 miles / 5:44 hours / 19.24 mph avg / 3085' climbing
Breakfast: banana bread (Lori), banana, oatmeal, yogurt.
Snack: 1/2 pear, banana, 1 oreo, pretzels.
Lunch: 2 ham+turkey+tomato+spinach sandwiches, 1.5 cokes, 2 oreos, ice cream.
Snack: 1/2 ham+cheese sandwich, strawberries, mini carrots, coke.
Dinner: salad, filet mignon, mashed potatos, bread, water!.

Here is yesterday's picture with the locals at the town of Madrid. If yo can make it out, the second guy from the left is holding a gun...go figure.

By the first snack, we passed the 1000 mile mark; 1912 to go! Today we rode through miles and miles of beautiful nothing. The roads just stretched for ever and the scenery is getting greener. No abandoned towns, just vast ranches and a few horses and cows here and there.

We had one great descent through a narrow canyon. Check out the cave (sorry, it looks better in person) and the view.

I was going for a more subtle look today, that is why I am wearing black knee warmers instead of my red ones.

I rode alone most of the time since the wind forces everyone to concentrate and find their own pace. I'm really loving my aero bars, they really work. we arrived early so I was able to go through my routine at a more leisurely pace and now I'll try to go to sleep really early. Tomorrow is a short day and we start late, that is breakfast at 6:30 and ride at 7:30am.


  1. Hi Nico,
    Did you see the moon tonight. It was full and beautiful. Or were you already fast asleep by then?
    Toby has been concerned about the quantity of bananas you are consuming. he said that if he and Carter ate half as many as you did on a daily basis they'd be plugged up for weeks. I assured him you were fine in that category. Was that over-sharing?
    Your mom keeps asking how your butt is? And my mom keeps asking if you are going to "be done" after this. Vivi said she is appreciating her current husband more and more each day since he doesn't give her near as much cause for worry as you do. We are all hoping you are taking good care and having the time of your life.

    xoxoxooxox –L

  2. P.S. Your mom is getting great reviews.