Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 11

96 miles / 3:35 hours / 26.8 mph avg (greatest tail wind)

Breakfast: waffle, canned peaches, sausages, banana.
Snack: banana, apples, 2 oreos, pretzels.
Lunch: turkey+cheese+tomato+spinach sandwich, coke, 2 oreos.
Second lunch (we arrived early): chicken sandwich, 1/2 coke, Dary Queen chocolate dipped vanilla cone (yummy).
Dinner: don't know yet...

Today was the fastest ride so far thanks to an amazing tail wind. We tried apaceline, but with a 25 mph tail wind there was not much of an advantage.

Then we crosed into Texas and the central time zone. Darn! I should have worn my red shorts...

...but considering that texans like shooting at things, maybe I'll save them for later.

Just in case I labeled the photo: beer bottles (left), post with bullet holes (top) and pregnancy test (bottom). I guess the rock and roll was playing while this was happening.

Very soon you realize that you are in a different place where you can drive your house on the road. At least they have thought carefully about their speed limit laws.

Check out the old cars, I loved them, but stopping to take the picture costed me dearly: The group left me in the dust and I couldn't catch up to them because we were going so fast that I had no more gears to go any faster. Now that is a nice problem to have.

Just a few miles from our destination (Dalhart, TX) we passed several feed lots on both sides of the road. The hills in the distance are brown because the cows are brown! These is were your double whopper comes from.

Dalhart is down wind from the feed lots and I tell you, you can't imagine the smell; but we are lucky, when the wind changes, we get to smell the fried food from the McDonald's next door.

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  1. that photo of the bullet holes, the beer bottles and the pregnancy test strip reminds me of a weekend I once had in my home town, really good times...thanks for the nostalgia! I see nothing unusual about that grouping?