Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day -2

Finished packing. More precisely, I ran out of time to stress about what to leave behind since I have a miserable 50 lb. limit. Lori will be shipping more Gu, Cytomax (sports drink) and Mojo bars to Fort Smith (AR) in case those happen to be items too exotic for the local economy.

Tomorrow morning we drive down to Costa Mesa (near LA) to have dinner with our dear friend Carter, breakfast with Alejandro (my son) on Saturday and then onwards to registration and orientation with the ride organizers. We start pedaling Sunday at 7am. I'm VERY excited.

Here is half the stuff I'm taking.

That's all folks.

1 comment:

  1. Nico, y eso morrales supongo que iran en un carro o camioneta que los acompañe. Cómo haces para comer, ruedas un numero de horas determinado, luego paras y arrancas otra vez? o sencillamente ruedas lo previsto y arrancas al día siguiente?
    Suerte y sigue escribiendo, se ve de lo más nota la travesía.