Monday, April 12, 2010

The Big Idea

On April 18, 2010, I will start what my kids better qualify as an "epic" bike ride from Costa Mesa, CA to Savannah, GA:

2912 miles in 27 days 
with 2 rest days in between, whew!

My lovely wife Lori has given me the most generous gift by being my biggest fan and by putting aside all the very reasonable objections to this madness and really encouraging me to do this.

It is a supported ride with an outfit called America By Bike. What's the point of a midlife crisis if you can't be a big baby and have somebody else carry all your stuff for you. I know there will be 15 other riders with me but I am yet to know anything about them.

Here is "The Machine", the fastest ride ever, ultra light, custom frame, carbon everything, super aero, etc, etc.

And here is "The Engine", not nearly as cool, but it'll do the job (I hope).


  1. awesome!
    my own mid-life crisis begins on the 17th in tampa bay... but all i got was a polyester speedo.

    have fun, be safe, and don't talk to strangers!

  2. Nico¡¡¡ Que nota de aventura¡¡¡¡ rueda y disfruta todos esos dias¡¡¡¡ un abrazo y suerte¡¡¡
    Ricardo La Fontaine

  3. That's a sweet ride, Nico! We'll be watching every day. Good luck, my friend and be safe!

  4. Best of luck and watch those trucks when you're sipping your water!

  5. Freewheeling across America! Enjoy your ride, Nico. Can't wait to follow you progress.

  6. OMIGOD Nico. First one guy doesn't show up because of the volcano, then the next day someone goes to the hospital and then home with hemorrhoids, and then today someone went to the hospital for dehydration. Are you sure you don't want to rethink this plan of yours???

    Your pesky wife.

  7. What an amazing journey and love hearing about your days and the adventures that they are bringing you. What an experience of a lifetime.
    And Lori, I don't think that Nico would ever use the word pesky to describe you-I think he put it as the gift you are giving him*wink*
    Cheers and be safe!