Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 1

113 miles / 6:14 hours / 18 mph
2 big dead snakes / Caprese + Fetucinni Alfredo with chicken for dinner in a decent restaurant

Today testosterone or excitment (there is one girl in the group) took over and we were flying. We started with all in a paceline but after the big climb (1200 feet in 8 miles) it broke off and 5 of us smoked it. We will pay for that indiscretion in tomorrow's 134 mile ride.

One guy had to leave the tour, he has hemorroids and he thought he could still do it. I guess after all that training it is hard to let go. Fortunately he had trip insurance.

See those snowed capped mountains in the distance? We rode all the way to the base!
Getting to Palm Springs we saw hundreds of wind turbines spinning those huge blades in slow motion. It was beautiful, too bad I couldn't take a video of it.

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  1. bien, un dia a la vez, te felicito, sigue rodando, te sigo con interes.
    Cuida la hidratacion,
    un abrazo,