Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 21

137 miles / 7:05 hours / 19.3 mph avg / 4658' climbing

Breakfast: omelet, hash browns, waffle, orange juice.
Snack: 3 bananas with nutella, oreos, apples.
Lunch: turkey+ham+cheese sandwich, coke, oreos.
Snack: 1 banana, oreo.
Dinner 1: turkey+ham+cheese sandwich, coke.
Dinner 2: turkey+ham+cheese sandwich, chocolate milk.

Today was a beautiful long ride. It was mostly rolling hills with smooth pavement and the weather could not have been better: slight wind, cool temperature, low humidity (very nice for Mississippi). Last night I had a horrible cramp on my left quadriceps. It was bad enough that I spent 3 hours icing and massaging and today I decided to take it easier. That meant taking advantage of the pace line, that is, stay behind someone big that blocks the wind. It really helps. Here is the view from the back:

It is green here, very green. Lots of beautiful trees. We rode through rich farmland, lots of big lawns, lots of dogs and some mansions. Here is one big house with a nice pond in front. This was by no means the biggest we saw, just what I managed...

Contrast this to the long roads in Arizona and New Mexico. Isn't it a nice country road?

Next time you want to complain about the choices you have at the supermarket consider that this could be your local grocer...
And next time you stay at a hotel, pray it is not the Aberdeen Inn. Yes it is (mostly) clean and it is the best hotel in town. That should tell you something about small town America.

Fortunately we arrived early enough and I'm off to massage and ice my leg some more and to an early bed time since last night I only got 5 hours of sleep. Tomorrow is a shorter day (106 miles, whew!) and we cross into Alabama!

Congratulations to Sam for qualifying for the Mountain Biking State Championships and good luck on the May 16 race!

Big hugs to all of you and a special one to Joan and Tom.


  1. Nico,
    I really enjoy your blog each and every day. I love how you appreciate each moment and unique characterisitcs of the areas that you venture through. What an amazing journey.

  2. Take care of that crampy leg Nico! I worry. Isn't the potassium in bananas good for cramps? Your route in Georgia will take you RIGHT THROUGH Fort Benning infantry school (I'm an alum.). I can't wait to hear about that. Stay away from the mortar ranges.

  3. Hi Nico -

    Thinking of you and glad your trip is so great! Wanted to see Iron Man2 with you....Larry

  4. Bien Nico, que fastidio con la pierna, trata de comer mas cambures y naranjas, se pierde mucho potasio y eso genera problemas en los músculos.
    Sigue disfrutando la travesía y mucha suerte¡¡
    Un abrazo,