Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 26

100.8 miles / 5:08 hours / 19.66 mph avg / 2598' climbing

Breakfast: 2 waffles, muffin, sausage, eggs, orange juice.
Snack: banana, oranges, 1/2 moon pie with a sip of RC cola (southern delicacy).
Lunch: sandwich, oranges, oreos, coke.
Snack: Ice cream Sunday at Dairy Queen, 6 chicken nuggets, 6 marshmallows.
Dinner: salad, linguine lobster carbonara, chocolate cake a la mode.
Snack: yogurt.

It was certainly hotter today! Richard (from Florida) was finally in his element although he said it was a bit cool in the shade. The ride started with another nice morning, but the humidity fogged my glasses in the first 10 minutes.

Here is me!

The legs, knees and butt are all good so I rode a bit harder today. It was fun. At the first snack stop, we were treated to Moon Pie and RC cola, it seems that it is a Southern delicacy. As Jay described it: Moon Pie is sort of a fire-less poor man's Smore. After passing a few more abandoned buildings...

...we stopped for lunch at a farm house. The owner has graciously allowed the America By Bicycle group to stop here for the last few years. We were told that he is VERY politically incorrect and thus very funny so we were all looking forward to meeting him, but unfortunately it seems that he passed away.
It was so nice to have a shade and a cold drink. Here is another view...
This old cattle/horse carrier provided perfect cover for peeing...

Now for some potty talk (skip this section if you find this topic unappealing): The Goodriches were right about the binding nature of bananas and what the sheer amount I have been consuming would do to them. However, since I am over 40 now, I have become lactose intolerant, hence the yogurt, chocolate milk and all the ice cream. I have found a way to balance The Force. The remaining issue was how to deal with the flatulence: I have a single room and while riding, if I adopt the appropriate position, I get an extra boost every now and then. By now, you can imagine that the group is well acquainted with each other and certain behaviors (i.e. belching, farting) are not an issue provided that we are riding.

We finally made it to Vidalia, our last stop before we finish this epic adventure.

And for those of you going to college soon, look at the possibilities offered here at the Southeastern Technical College. Wow this is so cool: Great career choices, warm weather, the occasional tornado or hurricane and Moon Pie.
(Knitting, Jewelry, Cake Decorating)

I can't wait to see Lori tomorrow. Then a good night sleep without having to wake up so early. I seriously don't know how some salespeople can live out of a suitcase going from town to town eating fast food. If  you are biking across America is and wonderful adventure, otherwise it sounds pretty shitty to me.


  1. Congrats! Thanks for sharing the ride. I think the NY version of moonpie is scooter pie..... they were 7 cents each in my jr high school cafeteria (i must be old)

    How good is a dip in the Atlantic going to feel?

  2. Thanks for bringing us along with you, Nico. It's been a wonderful voyage. Time to go through banana withdrawal. Beano might help with the gas once you rejoin Lori and civilized company.

  3. See Lori tomorrow?? Over already? That wasn't a very hard trip at all. At least not for me.
    Congratulations, Nico. You are amazing!

  4. Moon pies and farts were what I was raised on. I ate the Moon Pies, my brother provided the farts.
    Keep it up, Nico, we're behind you. Or, perhaps in front of you would be better.