Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 24

114 miles / 6:21 hours / 18 mph avg / 3481' climbing

Breakfast: 2 waffles, eggs, sausage, orange juice.
Snack: banana with nutella, 2 oreos.
Lunch: sandwich, banana with nutella, coke.
Dinner: pizza, coke.
Snack: chocolate milk.

Today was a hot day. My legs and knees are working fine which a relief as you can imagine. Several of the roads were quite rough so my butt and my wrists hurt. There is always something to complain...In any case, it was another good day. We can sense the end now and there is a strange mood in the group. Not a bad one, just a wondering of what happens next. For me is the anxiety of not being able to answer the question; it is certainly not a complain, having options is quite the luxury.

Today I managed to stop and smell the flowers. There was a dead snake nearby so it wasn't particularly pleasant, but at least they looked nice.

The road took us through bridges...

More old barns...

And many more abandoned houses (sorry, I can't stop thinking about them)...

As we approached Tuskegee (more on it later), it became more populated with the corresponding contrast of scenery. I am really not sure what this was. I looked like a junkyard for household items, go figure.

Before lunch we passed through Tuskegee. Google it and you'll find out about the University and the Black Airmen that served in WWII. I only took decades for the government to acknowledge them and they finally did when most of them had died of old age.

The town welcomed us with a sight of the University. I managed a couple of shots of the beautiful buildings:

And a couple of the surrounding old houses reminiscent of the plantations times.

As luck will have it, we had lunch at an abandoned old store.

And then we finally arrived at Columbus, GA. It is a happening town compared to what we have seen these past couple of weeks.

With it own abandoned buildings. This is an old YMCA and as David put it, they don't build marble buildings anymore.

And here is were Russ and I had pizza. It is a gutted out old building used for partying and hanging out. We had live music while we ate (not great, but live nontheless).
(Russ holding his head, we were tired and hungry)

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  1. Georgia! What an accomplishment! When my sixth graders and I check the national weather map on our SmartBoard, we also plot your progress. They are stunned at how far you have bicycled in so short a time. Keep a low profile pedaling through Fort Benning today.